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AVF: Exterior calculus with algebra value forms

Authors: Hugo D. Wahlquist © 2003-2020 under GPL, mantained since 2011 by Frank B. Estabrook and José M. Martín-García


AVF is a Mathematica package for

There are specific programs for generation and use of Clifford algebra valued forms with moving frames, and generalizations.

The AVF package is essentially independent of the rest of the xAct packages. It is included in the xAct framework because it covers a complementary area. It does not yet talk to the other mathematical packages as it uses a different, mostly index-free, approach.

Jose: This package is a small modification of a suite of programs written by Hugo D. Wahlquist in 2003, used and tested by him and his collaborator Frank B. Estabrook. The original programs, as written by Hugo D. Wahlquist, can be obtained from Hugo passed away in 2008, and Frank has kindly authorized AVF is included in the xAct suite.

See AVF.History.

Download and installation

Current version: 1.0.0 (as of 18 December 2011). It is recommended to download the main xAct bundle, but you can also download the different files separately:

See the Installation notes.