10. Final comments

Note: For further information about xCoba`, and to be kept informed about new releases, you may contact the authors electronically at yllanes@lattice.fis.ucm.es or jmm@iem.cfmac.csic.es. Suggestions and comments are welcome and very much appreciated!

This is xCobaDoc.nb, the docfile of xCoba`, currently in version 0.6.3.    


? xAct`xCoba`*

AbsDet CobaArray epsilonToetaDown ScalarsOfChart VBundleOfBasis
AllComponentValues ComponentArray epsilonToetaUp SeparateBasis $BMUseValues
AutomaticBasisContractionStart ComponentValue etaDown SetDaggerMatrix $CCSimplify
AutomaticBasisContractionStop ContractBasis etaDownToepsilon SmallCircle $CheckZeroValue
BasisArray ContractFirst etaUp TableOfComponents $CVReplace
BasisColor Coordinate etaUpToepsilon TensorValIDs $CVSimplify
BasisOfCovD DaggerCIndex FormatBasis TensorValues $CVVerbose
BasisValues DateOfValID FreeToBasis ThreadComponentArray $PDPostfixSymbol
ChangeChart DefBasis HeldComponentValue ToBasis $PDPrefixSymbol
ChangeComponents DefChart InChart ToValues $TUseValues
ChartColor DeleteTensorValues ManifoldOfChart TraceBasisDummy $Version
ChartsOfManifold DependenciesOfBasis MetricInBasis UndefBasis $xTensorVersionExpected
CNumbersOf Disclaimer PDOfBasis UndefChart
Coba DummyToBasis RicciRotation ValID

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