José M. Martín-García

    IEM, CSIC, Madrid, Spain

This the Reference Guide of the package xTensor`, now in version 0.9.5. It is a quick recollection of all commands in the package, with their mutual relations and links to individual help pages. There are no examples: see the notebook xTensorDoc.nb for an introduction to the system. There are no formulas: see the LATEX document xTensorMaths for the mathematics underlying the system.

Please report  errors, omissions, suggestions or comments to the author. Any kind of help is welcome!

0. Loading

1. Symbols and types

2. Generalized indices

3. Formatting of indexed objects

4. Mathematical entities

5. Input Expressions

6. Rules and definitions

7. Manipulation of input

8. List of commands

9. Possible changes in the system

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